Readings and Videos about Refugees and Global Migration

BBC News, "Migrant Crisis: Children Among Seven Killed as Boat Sinks in Greece," June 11, 2019

The Hill, "Syrian Refugee Crisis Could Grow Exponentially Worse," May 22, 2019

Euronews Video Documentary, "10 Days at Sea," July 23, 2018, (52 minutes)

New York Times, "Germany's Europe-Shaking Political Crisis Over Migrants," July 3, 2018

United Nations News Interview with William Lacy Swing of the International Organization for Migration, December 20, 2016

Dado Video Documentary, "Natascha Kampusch: 3096 Days in Captivity," November 28, 2013, (49 minutes)

Story Hunter Video Documentary, "Stuck At Home in an Albanian Blood Feud," October 1, 2013, (7 minutes)